Season 2 Episode 5: The Case of Julius Jones

Julius Jones was sentenced to death for the robbery and murder of Paul Howell. The crime was senseless, and justice was swift. But as time went by, unnerving facts about this conviction would unfold, leaving a community divided and attorneys fighting against time to save who they believed to be an innocent man.

Season 2 Episode 1: The Case of Tommy Zeigler, Part 1

Tommy Zeigler was convicted of one of the most cold-blooded quadruple homicides that Florida had ever seen. His wife, in-laws and friend were found murdered, with Tommy clinging to life from a bullet wound to the abdomen. Police said it was self-inflicted in order to point the blame at fake intruders. Tommy said he was shot during a robbery gone wrong that left his family dead. Join us as we explore both sides of Tommy Zeigler's case.

Episode 24: The Case of Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas was sentenced to death for the senseless murder of James Day, a family man who worked two jobs to support his family. His trial and conviction pleased the residents of Memphis, who felt justice had been served. But after his conviction, information started to leak that brought the FBI, the state prosecutor, and the verdict itself into question. Join us as we explore the case of Andrew Thomas.

Episode 21: The Case of Willie Mannie, Part 1

Willie Manning was convicted of a brutal double homicide and sentenced to death. His life and prior criminal convictions would add a complexity to his case that make it one of the most unique cases on death row. Tune in to the first part of this two part series to learn about his crimes, his case, and how sometimes our past is what ultimately dictates our future.

Episode 19: The Case of Aileen Wuornos, Part 1

Aileen Wuornos was known as one of the first female serial killers in the United States. She committed murders that stumped police, because they had never seen a female kill in a similar way. Yet the history of Aileen's life was understood, and would lead to one of the most polarizing cases in US history, with some saying she was a victim who killed her assailants, and some saying she was an assailant who killed multiple victims.

Episode 18: The Case of Kirk Bloodsworth

The murder of a 9-year-old child is always devastating. When it occurs in a small town, it leaves residents rocked. Join us as we explore the case of Kirk Bloodsworth convicted of Dawn Hamilton's death, and attempting to escape being executed for it. It's a story with twists, turns, and ultimately, vindication for all injured parties.

Episode 17: The Case of Ricky Ray Rector

There are cases where guilt is not a question, but whether execution is the appropriate punishment. Ricky Ray Rector's case is one that explores the issue of who we march into the death chamber, who should be spared, and what those boundaries mean about us as a country. Join us as we explore the case of Ricky Ray Rector.

Episode 16: The Case of Angel Diaz

Angel Diaz was known by many and liked by few. His participation in a heinous crime was never questioned, although his actual actions are questioned to this day. Tune in as we discuss the crime, the outcome, and the limits of what people deserve to experience even after committing the worst of crimes. Credits: Artwork created by Rosie from the podcast They Walk Among Us; RT America's "An end to Florida death penalty?"; RT America's "Florida to expedite death row executions to cut costs"; Fox News, "Former Florida Warden Ron McAndrew Speaks On Death Penalty"

Episode 14: The Case of Glenn Ford, Part 1

  • Glenn Ford was sentenced to death for the murder of a neighborhood jeweler that he occasionally did work for. The police were sure from the beginning that he had committed the crime, and the prosecutor on the case wanted nothing less than a death sentence for Glenn. But years later, the prosecutor himself would begin to wonder about how strong Glenn's conviction actually was. Tune in for the first part of Glenn's case.